What is difference between PVC and aluminum?

  • Beautiful
Our windows are built according to a carefully design concept. This concept allows for many different window designs, with the greatest variety

  • Thermal protection
Save your energy cost and improve your quality of life

  • Noise protection
You can reduce this noise by up to 45 dB, and only perceive 1/24 of the outdoor noise inside your house.

  • Water tightness and wind resistant
Rehau PVC-u doors and windows have been successfully used in swimming pools, marine and ocean environments without deterioration of surface finish or performance.

  • Ecologically
Rehau profiles are produced exclusively with calcium-zinc instead of lead ingredients. Calcium-zinc is a new type of stabilizer. It makes PVC-u profiles resistant to weathering.

  • What is the cost of PVC ?

The cost of PVC is almost close to the cost of good level of aluminum

  • Is it good for warm atmosphere?

Of course as it is designed to meet high thermal grade and is also  in a wide range in Gulf States

  • What is the guarantee of PVC?

You can get 10 years guarantee on the used profiles and you can also get 5 years on the whole window or door

  • What are the colors of the PVC?  
You have more than one choice, where you can choose between white, beige and brown wooden

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Comparison  Between Aluminum and PVC
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