Why PVC-u?

Every time innovation in the profiles field creates a better product, we are honored to present it, and we propose the best options to make your ideas become reality.

"        Rehau  only uses high-quality PVC-u from leading international companies in the chemical industry. This guarantees high stability, functional perfection and the long life of our products. Special additives make our profiles weather-resistant, sturdy, colour - stable and easy-to-fabricate.
"        Rehau profiles keep their excellent original materials properties even after decades in use. They do not warp, corrode, rot or change their colour even under exposure to extreme temperature and sun.

"        Beautiful things are readily noticed. Indeed, windows built using  Rehau profiles are attractive and beautiful. They bring fresh aesthetic beauty to new and old buildings as well.
"        Our windows are built according to a carefully design concept. This concept allows for many different window designs, with the greatest variety.
"        With our products, you can implement your very own personal style - windows of all shapes and designs: rectangular, polygonal, round, or extra large units. When it comes to making your ideas reality, Rehau profile systems give you virtually unlimited freedom.

Thermal protection
"        Save your energy cost and improve your quality of life.
"        One particular significant feature is the ability of our windows to protect your house against heat. Inefficient windows are one of the main reasons why a building faces substandard insulation
"        PVC-u windows, by contrast, not only help you save money (because greater thermal insulation means reducing energy consumption for either cooling or warming of your house) but also contribute to reducing the harmful emissions polluting the environment.

Noise protection
"        Noise stress can be a major cause of illness. For many years, effective protection against undesired noise has not only been a matter of comfort, but a decisive issue in health protection.
"        By fitting PVC-u windows combining our high-grade, multi-chamber profiles and double insulating glass, you can reduce this noise by up to 45 dB, and only perceive 1/24 of the outdoor noise inside your house.

Water tightness and wind resistant
"        Rehau PVC-u doors and windows have been successfully used in swimming pools, marine and ocean environments without deterioration of surface finish or performance.
"        Due to their excellent material properties, our doors and windows are ideal for installation in buildings located in coastal areas. These areas typically have permanent exposure to strong wind, heavy rain and salty air. The windows have passed several severe tests designed by official institutions.

"        Rehau profiles are produced exclusively with calcium-zinc instead of lead ingredients. Calcium-zinc is a new type of stabilizer. It makes PVC-u profiles resistant to weathering.
"        Rehau continues to pursue a philosophy of excellence in an effort to help ensure human health and preserve the environment.

Personalized execution
All our products are personalized executed and will match the exact dimensions of your house.
Our work is consists in:
"        measurements;
"        proposing technical solutions;
"        price offer;
"        fixing the time of execution;
"        installation;
"        reception of work.

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