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PVC Windows & Doors
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Dust protection        
Saves brushing time

Windows made of REHAU profiles close tights and thus prevent the ingress of dust. So you will safe a lot of time cleaning your house

Sound Insulation    
Reduce the sound level for your well-being

  •        using of special glazing
  •        consideration of important details by installation

Why PVC ?
Thermal Insulation
Reduces energy costs

  •        less energy requirements
  •        homogeneous temperature distribution
  •        minimized draughts

Burglar re prevention    
Better protection for your house
Due to the high quality of REHAU profiles combined with steel reinforcements, windows and doors made of REHAU profile systems provide a high security level for all inhabitants.

Cleaning and Maintenance  
Windows made of REHAU Systems are designed to close very tightly and save energy. So your new windows will be considerably better sealed than your old ones. The use and of double glazed units will prevent condensation under normal circumstances. However, where humidity levels are extremely high, condensation may occur on cold surfaces in the room. This can easily be counteracted with regular ventilation. Windows should be opened on a daily basis sufficiently frequently to allow the moist air out and fresh air in. If you have tilt/turn style windows, a room can be ventilated by leaving the windows in the tilt position for a few minutes.

Last News :-
We have recently participated in the Windorex Exhibition. The Windorex Exhibition is one that combines the largest companies that are in the field of windows and doors.
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